Parent Discussion Panel & Q&A

Welcome Parents!

Columbia College Hollywood considers parents partners in their student’s academic success.  As partners, we understand that the current pandemic has brought about many questions about your student’s future education, their safety and well-being, and their college experience as a whole.  To help answer these questions for you, CCH is hosting a special night created with you in mind. 

What we have come to learn during these difficult times is that the industry is evolving and thriving along with the current situation, and we are happy to say that our college is evolving and thriving along with it. We all know that the educational experience has shifted significantly in the last few months, and CCH is in a unique position to help students succeed because we were already operating in the virtual learning environment  prior to any of this.  While others are learning how to adapt, we have already mastered the art of remote learning.  

Join our Academic Deans, VP of Student Services and Head of Campus Safety on Wednesday, September 9th for a virtual round table discussion on how our unique learning environment mirrors how the industry is evolving and what your student can expect when they start with us. Discussions include: 

  • Campus safety
  • Curbside pick-up
  • Learning delivery systems 
  • Career development 
  • Industry practices during the pandemic

Time: 5pm PST/ 7 pm CST

Be sure to bring all of your questions, we’re here to answer them.  

Fill out the form on the side to register for the event & to receive the Zoom join link. 

Join Us!

At CCH, we believe it is important to take a stand by demonstrating our willingness to promote and inspire systemic change. We must speak honestly and truthfully to the ugliness of racism that permeates throughout our society today. It may be an uncomfortable conversation for some, but it is an all-too familiar reality for anyone living in this country with black or brown skin. Hiding from it, ignoring it, or being silent about it will not make it go away.

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