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Program Overview

The BFA in Graphic Design and Interactive Media educates students for the modern design world. A broad foundation of liberal arts and sciences gives students intellectual exposure to the wider world of thought and ideas that enable critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and the ability to communicate original designs, ideas, and opinions effectively.

  • Beyond design, explore branding, marketing, design process, user experience, typography, and more
  • Become a brand storyteller, communicating through imagery, typography, interactive interfaces, and print
  • Graduate with pro experience and extensive portfolio


With more than 60 years of experience in Cinema, CCH offers a variety of required and elective classes sure to pique your interest.

Color Theory & Practice

Design Process

2D Image Manipulation


Social Media Marketing

UX Foundations


Fall 2021 Quarter
September 13, 2021


First Day of Classes
September 27, 2021


On Campus Or Online

Faculty Spotlight

Evanthia Milara
professor of graphic design & interactive media
Evanthia is an award winning designer with experience at Ogilvy & Mather, Image Entertainment, J. Walter Thompson, and EMI Capitol Records. She has worked with brands such as Mattel, Ford, Shell, Nikon, Christina Aguilera, Jamie Foxx, and Discovery Channel.
Interested In Learning From Evanthia?


CCH has a strong and personal Graphic Design and Interactive Media program. An on-campus education allows you to interact and collaborate in person with your classmates and faculty. Enjoy a 8:1 student to teacher ratio. Work on real world projects as you develop an extensive career ready portfolio.

  • Learn on professional software
  • Apply design thinking to projects from start to finish
  • Learn and apply concepts in real-time
  • Draw inspiration from being in Chicago or Los Angeles, two of the top media cities in the world


CCH has a strong online Graphic Design and Interactive Media program for students looking for the flexibility of learning remotely. Choose from a selection of synchronous and asynchronous classes. Use technology to interact and collaborate with classmates and instructors.

  • Learn on professional software
  • Apply design thinking to projects from start to finish
  • Learn and apply concepts in real-time
  • Develop professional quality portfolio

What It Takes

BFA: 3-4 years 192 hours

The BFA Graphic Design + Interactive Media program prepares you for a wide range of creative roles in advertising and marketing agencies, consultancy firms, and companies of all sizes. Most important, you’ll acquire the essential, practical skills, experience, and knowledge you need to develop your own projects and create your own entrepreneurial career path as a graphic designer.

The program is designed to accelerate you into your career in as few as 3 years. CCH offers a Career Accelerator Scholarship to help students in this process

Choose an emphasis

Graphic Design

Develop expertise in graphic design and implementation using a wide variety of delivery methods and distribution channels. Learn professional workflows, to take original ideas, move to logo and style production, then build complete campaigns. The curriculum includes immersive courses in typography, motion graphics, package design, and branding.

Career Opportunities

  • Art director
  • Web designer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Branding
  • Illustrator

Popular Classes

  • Package design
  • Print process
  • Emerging and experimental design trends
  • Typography

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing emphasis provides a thorough foundation in the aesthetics and design principles used to create marketing content and campaigns. Learn to create marketing campaigns, manage SEO, and use social media. Students prepare to be modern marketers that leverage their artistic skill, talent, and creativity to reach a target audience and market.

Career Opportunities

  • Creative Director
  • Social Media Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Marketing Analyst

Popular Classes

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Search Optimization
  • Design Process
  • Social Community Management

Interactive media

Learn essential principles of design to make a product look great while delivering the desired user experience across all devices. Use HTML, CSS, and CMS systems, to develop interactive projects for web, tablets, and smartphones and create HTML-based web sites, simple applications, and interactive products.

Career Opportunities

  • Front-End Developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Developer/Designer
  • App Designer
  • Full Stack Graphic Designer
  • Ecommerce Designer

Popular Classes

  • UX Foundations
  • Design For Mobile Apps
  • Web Development
  • Motion Graphics
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Skills & Outcomes

Upon successfully completing the BFA in Graphic Design + Interactive Media, students will be able to:

  1. Implement design principles in all aspects of visual communication and design, from concept to final product.
  2. Utilize hardware and software tools and techniques of professional visual communication and design.
  3. Evaluate products of visual communication and design with regard to cultural influences and historical precedents.
  4. Apply knowledge of professional practices specific to visual communication and design industries.
  5. Exercise communication skills necessary to function in interdisciplinary teams and organizational structures.


Columbia College Hollywood’s Student Services team works diligently with students to provide them with opportunities to gain valuable industry experience.

Chicago Design Intern

Ogilvy / Eicoff Chicago

Chicago Design Intern

Shuffle Presents

Post Production Intern


Alumni Spotlight

Alan Rosenfeld
Digital Effects Artist
Alan is a thirty year veteran of the CGI/VFX industry having started back in the late 80's in computer graphics. As a computer graphics lighting artist, Alan has worked on many major CGI driven motion pictures.
Interested in a Career Like Alan?
Avatar (2009)
20th Century Fox


Fall 2021 Quarter
September 13, 2021


First Day of Classes
September 27, 2021


On Campus Or Online

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